Scotland has a rich reputation with its music. The country is synonymous with pipe bands playing traditional music and the music scene has always been healthy. As the music industry has entered the modern era Scottish musicians have featured to play a leading role in a number of different genres. The bagpipes are the most famous instrument to be associated with the country and are present at any national event. This is true of many national events in London at the palaces and the Royal family have a strong relationship with the instrument. Their annual summer visits to Balmoral Castle has cemented this close relationship and lone bagpipe players often turn up in various parts of the world, often where they are least expected.

Scotland have produced some of the finest rugby union players to have represented the British Lions. The British Lions team is a side picked from the international sides of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Scotland has a limited number of players to pick from as it is a small nation and the great majority of Scotsman prefer playing football to playing rugby. This has affected the effectiveness of the national teams over the years but it has not stopped the nation from producing some of the world’s best players.

The Tartan Army unites Scotland’s football supporters as one band known as the Tartan Army. This is quite remarkable considering the extent of the division that exists in Club football. History shows that Scottish domestic football has been dominated by the two Glasgow teams Celtic and Rangers. The divide is made even more extreme as it is based on religious divisions as well as football factors. Rangers fans tend to come from the protestant areas of the city, while the Celtic fans come from the Roman Catholic regions.

Scotland’s favorite sport is football. The nation has a love for both club and international football and even during periods when the national side has not been strong, the country has still produced a number of world class players. The Scotland v England fixture was first played in 1872 and is the oldest international fixture. From 1872 the two sides met annually until 1989, and since then the sides have met a further seven times.

Scotland is located in the far north of Great Britain and covers about a third of the Island. It was a separate state until James VI, the King of Scots became the King of England in 1603. In 1707 the political union was completed with the creation of the Kingdom of Great Britain. This was later modified in 1801 to become the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. In Scotland there is a separate Parliament at Holyrood to run Scottish affairs. This was created in 1997 and was at the centre of Scotland’s campaign to break away from the rest of the country in 2014 and become independent. This failed as 55% of the voters wished to remain as part of United Kingdom.