Scottish cuisine is your dream pantry. From traditionally prepared salmon to homemade sticky toffee pudding will make your mouth water from getting to know these culinary highlights.


Famous Scottish poet Robert Burns even wrote a poem about Haggis. This dish is a symbol of their cuisine, but just for very acquired taste. Haggis is prepared from sheep’s heart, liver and lungs which are chopped up with spices, oats, suet and onion. It is cooked into animal’s stomach, these days it can be artificial. If you are not grossed out by the description and ignore the fact that you are eating intestines, this delicacy is just divine. You must try it, even if it is just one bite.

Tatties and neeps

This is just wordplay. To clarify it is Turnips and potatoes which are usually served with haggis. Just add chives and butter to the mix and that will be called clapshot which is traditional Orkney dish. In Scotland they replace carrots and peas which are more common in other parts of the world.

Scottish salmon

Any high-end shop or restaurant has Scottish salmon. Do you know why? Because it is the best! Scottish waters are perfect for salmon breeding. It is celebrated globally. Perfect texture and unforgettable taste will leave you wanting just this kind of salmon.


Start your morning with a spoonful of real Scottish porridge.  Don’t be shocked, but it does not come with sugar. It is salty and has very thick texture. You can eat it plain or gourmet version with more spices and various flavors.


A full Scottish

It is like English breakfast, but it comes with scones, lorne sausage and black pudding. You can get Haggis with it and it will be called white pudding and comes with blood substituted for fat. You will leave table happy and full. This type of breakfast usually it is served the whole day not only in the morning, because Scottish love to enjoy their food wherever they want.

Bangers and mash

Every British family loves to have bangers and mash for supper. There is nothing more classical then this. To make your mash potatoes fluffier you need to add butter and milk while mashing vigorously to avoid lumps. Bangers are sausages which are made from locally raised pigs and cows, it can be just with salt and pepper or stranger ingredients like apples might be added.

Sticky toffee pudding

This dessert is a British staple. Very moist sponge cake with toffee, dates sounds yummy, just add ice cream, vanilla custard or whipped cream and it is a piece of heaven on your plate. You will be able to find it in every pub or restaurant. Now there are a lot of variations of this classic sweet, like adding pecans, dried fruit or other kind of nuts, but does not matter what is added, pudding keeps its texture and yumminess.